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Stirile zilei - News of the day

Scientists have created human-sheep hybrids in a step towards human organ production in animals. The approach could one day supply organs for transplantation in humans, and even offer a cure for type 1 diabetes. Researchers Hiro Nakauchi from Stanford ... Discuss
In the field of regenerative medicine, induced pluripotent stem cells have a lot of neat tricks up their sleeves. One of them may be teaching the immune system how to beat back cancer. In research that could open a new frontier in the young field of ... Discuss
Look closely and you'll see it: a pale, purple pixel hanging in a black field between two cylindrical needles.What looks like a shimmering speck of dust is actually something much, much smaller: a single atom of strontium, isolated in an ion-trap ... Discuss
Abby Beckley thought her left eye was irritated because of a stray eyelash. She rubbed her eye, flushed it with water, but when the discomfort remained, she peered into the mirror. She thought she saw a piece of clear fuzz. She pinched it with her fingers and ... Discuss
It's a new class of antibiotic that promises to live up to its rough Latin translation: killer of bad guys. In a report published this week in the journal Nature Microbiology, researchers describe a never-before-seen antibiotic agent that vanquished ... Discuss
An Arizona mom says that two years ago, she had a headache, laid down and woke up with a British accent. She's had it ever since. KNXV reports that Michelle Myers isn't making it up, and something similar actually happened to her twice before. Experts ... Discuss
Can you die of a broken heart? Broken heart syndrome is not a term Hollywood made up, it's a real heart condition that's often brought on by stressful situations, like a heart-wrenching breakup or the death of a loved one.The syndrome, also known as takotsubo ... Discuss
In the future, your robot babysitter will be able to tell if your child has a fever. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder say they've developed the first fully rehealable and recyclable electronic skin, or e-skin. The technology mimics the ... Discuss
Crystals similar to those that have been studied in rocks in Scotland have been found on Mars. The tiny V-shaped and single elongated formations were discovered at site on the Red Planet called Jura, the name of a small island in Scotland's Inner ... Discuss
Praying mantises do not perceive the world as you and I do. For starters, they're not very brainy — they're insects. A human brain has 85 billion neurons; insects such as mantises have fewer than a million. But mantises, despite their neuronal drought ... Discuss
The sky is absolutely riddled with viruses swept up from the surface of the planet. For the first time, researchers have measured the number of viruses swarming around the atmosphere—and how many are falling back down to Earth. The team found billions ... Discuss
Bombardier beetles are known for their feisty response to predators. When confronted, the insects blast their adversary with a boiling-hot secretion of noxious chemicals. If they get swallowed anyway, they have a back-up plan: Blast their way out from the inside. In ... Discuss
An "extraordinary" spider "cousin" trapped in amber for 100 million years is shaking up ideas about the origins of spiders. The ancient creature had a tail, unlike its modern relatives. It belongs to a group of arachnids (spiders, scorpions and the ... Discuss
It sounds like a bad monster movie plot: A 10-legged mutant creature that reproduces asexually, escapes from confinement in Germany, and quietly begins a global invasion. Within 2 decades, clones of the voracious animal spread through Europe and Africa, bringing ... Discuss
Last summer, Zac Peterson was on the adventure of a lifetime. The 25-year-old teacher was helping archaeologists excavate an 800-year-old log cabin, high above the Arctic Circle on the northern coast of Alaska. They had pitched tents right on the beach ... Discuss
There's something lurking in the water, and it's a fear of swimmers everywhere. It's a type of fish, this one several feet long, with rows of sharp, serrated teeth that it uses to clamp down on prey. There's a shark in the water. Sharks, specifically ... Discuss
A fossil from south Wales has finally been identified as a new ancient species of small lizard. The reptile would have shared its home with other dinosaurs 200 million years ago, in what would become the Vale of Glamorgan. The fossilised remains were ... Discuss
With new space missions come new and improved capabilities. And for those interested in what's happening to the ice on Planet Earth, we have two ventures this year that are going to make a major contribution to our understanding. Ice is the "climate ... Discuss
Humanity's origin story has gotten increasingly tangled in recent years: New discoveries suggest that Homo sapiens interacted and interbred with other species and ventured out of Africa in more than one wave. Researchers have compared the ancient world ... Discuss
Say hello to an orca, and it might say hello back — or at least try to. An international team of researchers, working with two orcas at an aquarium in France, have found that the whales were able to replicate the sounds of human speech, including ... Discuss
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