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Stirile zilei - News of the day

A coral fertility treatment designed to help heal damaged parts of Australia's Great Barrier Reef is showing signs of success and now needs to be scaled up to create a bigger impact, the lead scientist tells CNN. Peter Harrison a professor at Southern ... Discuss
University researchers are hoping that $3,500 will convince enough people to risk possibly suffering through a bout of diarrhea, fever, body aches and other flu symptoms in the name of science. The pitch is for volunteers to willingly expose themselves ... Discuss
Humans aren't the only species who can ponder abstract mathematical concepts like nonexistence. Honeybees understand that the number zero is less than 1, according to a new study. Dolphins, African grey parrots and non-human primates also understand ... Discuss
Scientists think they have discovered the 550-million-year-old footprints of a small bug-like animal in the Yangtze Gorges area of China. This critter was roaming the planet millions of years before the first mammals, the first dinosaurs, and even the ... Discuss
Did climate change already kill all the aliens we've been searching for? According to astrophysicist Adam Frank, it's certainly a possibility — and whether humans are doomed to the same fate may already be out of our hands. Frank, a professor of physics and ... Discuss
A surgeon may have saved a woman’s life when he noticed a cancerous tumor on her neck as he watched her on T.V. New York-based ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Erich Voigt was watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt when he spotted a shadowy lump on the neck of one ... Discuss
The modern description of gravity, Albert Einstein's general relativity, is one of the most successful and best-tested theories we have. The core of that theory is a set of principles that say basically "physics is physics, wherever you are and no ... Discuss
After a long night out or a tough day at work it can be tempting to crash into bed with a full face of makeup on. But the case of a woman who underwent surgery to remove calcified lumps of mascara from her eyelids is a stark reminder that being ... Discuss
Humans have always been good at spreading out and covering ground, but we can't tackle every obstacle in our path. Giant ice sheets that spread for miles in every direction, for example, tend to stop all but the most adventurous of us quite efficiently ... Discuss
Scientists spotted two superdense stars crash into each other for the first time ever back in August, and they've been fascinated by the incident since. Now, they think they know what was produced by the enormous collision: a black hole—and not just ... Discuss
Sometimes it's hard to imagine what the Earth was like when massive beasts like the Tyrannosaurus rex freely roamed the land, but it can be even harder to go all the way to a time before dinosaurs were so fantastically dominant. There was planet Earth ... Discuss
Pluto is an uncanny-valley world, with landscapes and vistas that seem strikingly similar to those of Earth — until you take a closer look. NASA's New Horizons mission, which flew by the dwarf planet in July 2015, found that Pluto has towering ... Discuss
Promising new research enabled scientists to screen for different types of cancer at an early stage using a blood test. The test, known as a liquid biopsy, was used to screen for DNA from cancer cells and was able to detect 10 different cancers at early ... Discuss
Michael Jackson's musical achievements are legend: the first artist to win eight Grammys in one night; the first artist to sell more than a million digital tracks in one week. His impact on dance has been just as powerful. Fans around the world ... Discuss
If you've ever heard of the phrase two sides of the same coin, you know it means two things that at first appear to be unrelated are actually parts of the same thing. Now, a fundamental example can be found in the deep recesses of space in the form of ... Discuss
Just in case you watched those videos of giant rockets landing in tandem or of Elon Musk's car gliding through orbit and fell under the delusion that modern space flight is glamorous, please listen to NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson's story about how she ... Discuss
Scientists in the United Kingdom have successfully 3D printed human corneas for the first time. The cornea, the outermost layer of the human eye, is important in focusing vision, but almost 5 million people suffer total blindness due to corneal ... Discuss
It's a common high school movie trope: The dorky, four-eyed kid who excels academically despite their failing sight. But a new study suggests there might be a kernel of truth in that stereotype. In what is believed to be the largest genetic study into ... Discuss
Scientists have discovered three vast canyons in one of the last places to be explored on Earth - under the ice at the South Pole. The deep troughs run for hundreds of kilometres, cutting through tall mountains - none of which are visible at the snowy ... Discuss
In the 1966 science fiction classic "Fantastic Voyage," a submarine crew is miniaturized so it can squeeze inside a human body and travel to a hot spot where medical assistance is needed. A team from MIT has adapted this idea for real life, replacing ... Discuss
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