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Stirile zilei - News of the day

Ladi Adaikwu's top-shelf merchandise is hidden in a mud-brick shed in a warren of narrow alleyways in Angwan-Dodo, a farming village close to Nigeria's capital city Abuja. The steel door is secured with a heavy padlock, and when she opens it, a shaft ... Discuss
Intuitively, we tend to think of forgetting as failure, as something gone wrong in our ability to remember. Now, Canadian neuroscientists with the University of Toronto are challenging that notion. In a paper published Wednesday in the journal Neuron, they ... Discuss
It's a mystery that goes back to the days of Aristotle, flummoxing biologists and mathematicians for centuries: Why do bird's eggs come in so many different shapes and sizes? Why are owl eggs almost perfectly round, while hummingbird eggs look like ... Discuss
One of the biggest threats to global agriculture these days is a tiny, bright red weevil. These little crimson devils eviscerate coconut, date and oil palms, and are native to South Asia. But thanks to globalization, and the fact that these tenacious ... Discuss
Celebrated inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla swore by toe exercises – every night, he’d repeatedly ‘squish’ his toes, 100 times for each foot, according to the author Marc J Seifer. While it’s not entirely clear exactly what that exercise involved, Tesla claimed ... Discuss
Researchers working off the coast of Australia are cataloging rarely seen, and even some new, species that lurk in the depths of the ocean. International scientists on a 58-member team on board CSIRO's research ship, are showing off what they've ... Discuss
The domestic cat is descended from wild cats that were tamed twice - in the Near East and then Egypt, according to the largest study of its kind. Farmers in the Near East were probably the first people to successfully tame wild cats about 9,000 years ... Discuss
Mindfulness has become a trendy buzzword among the wellness community. Yoga studios and meditation centers continue to pop up as people seek refuge from being constantly on the go (and feeling the draining effects). But it turns out these practices are ... Discuss
The Bosphorus is a strait that separates Europe from Asia — and in recent days, its normally dark blue waters have turned a remarkable turquoise. Some residents of Istanbul, noticing the suddenly bright and milky waters, wondered on social media ... Discuss
At 10 months old, twins Erin and Abby Delaney are no longer fused at the tops of their heads. But their parents, Heather and Riley, are acutely aware that the hardest part of their medical odyssey is likely ahead. Only time will tell whether the babies’ complex ... Discuss
On 3 June, FBI agents arrived at the house of government contractor Reality Leigh Winner in Augusta, Georgia. They had spent the last two days investigating a top secret classified document that had allegedly been leaked to the press. In order to track down ... Discuss
Did our sun have a twin when it was born 4.5 billion years ago? Almost certainly yes - though not an identical twin. And so did every other sunlike star in the universe, according to a new analysis by a theoretical physicist from UC Berkeley and a radio ... Discuss
Setting up Ikea furniture may be difficult, but it's not rocket science … or is it? Thanks to a new collaboration between NASA and the Swedish furniture store, the two challenges may not be so different after all. Ikea is now “looking into how a Mars ... Discuss
Staying up late to cram for an early exam may not be doing college students any good, according to a new study focused on college students and their sleep patterns. The study, published Monday in the journal Scientific Reports, says college students ... Discuss
Pet parents beware, the canine influenza virus (CIV), or dog flu that first spread through Florida and Georgia earlier in 2017 has made its way to Texas. The Texas A&M Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) has confirmed a positive diagnosis in two ... Discuss
Amber hunters in Burma dug up a remarkably complete bird hatchling that dates to the time of the dinosaurs. The bird's side, almost half of its body, was dipped in tree sap, which hardened around the neck bones, claws, a wing and its toothed jaws. Scientists ... Discuss
An experimental antiplatelet drug has surprising bite. Based on a protein found in snake venom, the new drug prevented blood clotting in mice without causing excessive bleeding after an injury, according to research published Thursday in the ... Discuss
Albert Einstein first published his theory of relativity in 1905. The proposition was a breakthrough for our conception of space and time. The theory said that the speed of light in a vacuum is unaffected by the motion of all observers, and that the ... Discuss
A team of European and Moroccan scientists has found the fossil remains of five individuals they believe are the most ancient modern humans (Homo sapiens) ever found. In a remote area of Morocco called Jebel Irhoud, in what was once a cave, the team ... Discuss
Baby chicks are terribly cute—they're tiny and fuzzy (the best attributes snuggle-buddies can have)—so it's not hard to understand why people who own the backyard birds just can't seem to keep their hands off of them. But one thing is not so adorable ... Discuss
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