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Stirile zilei - News of the day

How Jupiter gets its stripes has been one of astronomy's most enticing mysteries. They are straight. They are clearly defined. They have different colors. Now, thanks to the Juno space probe currently in orbit around the gas giant, we've been able to ... Discuss
You're gonna need a bigger... dentist? An Australian teacher and fossil enthusiast stumbled upon the finding of a lifetime when he uncovered a set of fossilized 3-inch teeth from an extinct shark, known as the great jagged narrow-toothed shark or ... Discuss
A mysterious fast radio burst (FRB) that hit Earth late last month has been detected. While this type of activity is by no means common, it is not unusual. The part that's puzzling scientists is not the radio burst itself, but the fact that its frequency ... Discuss
During most total lunar eclipses, a partial eclipse is followed by a dark red taking over the Moon from one side, with one limb always remaining brighter and whiter than the other. The partial phases, combined with the apparent angular size of the Moon, enable ... Discuss
At first, he would see a colorful circle. It would grow a shimmering, flashing tail "dripping" down, which he compared to fireworks. "It's beautiful!" he said of one of these episodes -- but they gave him headaches, blinded him when they occurred ... Discuss
For nearly 60 years, scientists in Siberia have bred silver foxes in an attempt to replay how domestication occurred thousands of years ago. Now, in a first, researchers have compiled the genetic instruction book, or genome, of Vulpes vulpes, the red ... Discuss
Remember the days when people would bring photos of celebrities to the plastic surgeon's office and ask for Angelina Jolie's lips or Brad Pitt's jawline? That's not the case anymore. Now, people want to look like themselves – heavily edited or filtered ... Discuss
The moon and the word “astrobiology” don't often appear in the same sentence—even with a handful of government space agencies and private corporations planning crewed forays to the lunar surface for the first time since NASA's Apollo 17 mission in 1972. That ... Discuss
We think we know what a cat's purr means. It is arguably the most recognisable sign of animal contentment: a pleasurable rasp that erupts whenever a cat is tickled or petted, the soundtrack to countless sessions sprawled on an owner's lap. But that's ... Discuss
It's been just over a year since a thief broke into the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Ohio and stole an 18-karat gold replica of the Apollo 11 lunar module and other artifacts that have yet to be recovered or suspects arrested. The replicas created by ... Discuss
It was a solution no parent wants to hear: To get rid of a brain tumor and stop their young son's seizures, surgeons would need to cut out one-sixth of his brain. But for Tanner Collins, it was the best option. A slow-growing tumor was causing ... Discuss
Greg Manteufel's symptoms began with fever and vomiting, as if he had the flu. But by the following morning, he was delirious, and his temperature had soared. His wife rushed him to the hospital, a quick drive from their Wisconsin home. Once they ... Discuss
Sixty years ago, spurred by competition with the Soviet Union, the United States created NASA, launching a journey that would take Americans to the moon within a decade. Since then, the US space agency has seen glorious achievements and crushing ... Discuss
Scientists claim to have found signs of life in two worms extracted from patches of Siberia's permafrost dating back 30,000-40,000 years ago. The discovery was made by a group of Russian scientists from four different institutions in Moscow, working in ... Discuss
Multiple destructive and, in some cases, deadly, wildfires have been burning around the world in recent weeks, as global heat waves have left regions hot and dry. Over the years, wildfires have often been large enough to be visible from space, as their ... Discuss
A newly discovered dinosaur may be re-writing China's geological history, according to recent findings. The latest addition to the family of giant, long-necked dinosaurs known as sauropods, Lingwulong shenqi lived in the north of the country about 174 ... Discuss
There might be a quadrillion tons of diamond hiding deep underneath Earth's surface, according to a new study. But it will be a while until diamonds are every girl's best friend: the lavish gems are located so deep, no drill in existence can reach them. Located ... Discuss
In 2016, Lida Xing was combing the amber markets of Myanmar when a merchant enticed him over to his booth with what he said was the skin of a crocodile trapped in amber. When Dr. Xing inspected the specimen through its honey-colored encasement and ... Discuss
The University of Basel has dozens of ancient papyrus texts in its collection, but one has been known for centuries as the Basel Papyrus. The two thousand year-old work has been in the university's collection since the 1500s, when it was acquired from ... Discuss
People who eat dinner before 9 p.m. -- or at least two hours before going to sleep -- have a 20% lower risk of breast and prostate cancer than those who eat after 10 p.m. or go to bed shortly after supper, researchers found. "The mechanisms are not ... Discuss
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