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Stirile zilei - News of the day

No other animal has mastered camouflage like the octopus. The mightiest of these morphing creatures, the mimic octopus, contorts its body into a thin ribbon and adopts the colors of a venomous sea serpent to scare predators away. Divers have seen mimic ... Discuss
A Nasa satellite has provided remarkable new insights on how CO2 is moved through the Earth's atmosphere. The Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) tracked the behaviour of the gas in 2015/2016 - a period when the planet experienced a major El Niño event. This ... Discuss
A vast hole has re-opened in Antarctica, and it could have something to teach us about climate change. Some 40 years after satellites observed a wintertime gap in the ice of the Weddell Sea near the Antarctic Peninsula, the phenomenon has returned; and ... Discuss
A 6-inch-long stick bug with an exoskeleton that looks like a lobster was metaphorically brought back from the dead by scientists. The tree lobster (dryococelus australis) was long thought extinct but thanks to a group of exploring rock climbers and ... Discuss
Albert Einstein predicted a century ago that any orbiting pair of objects would make ripples in space-time and create gravitational waves. On Tuesday, a trio of researchers at Caltech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology won the Nobel Prize in physics for ... Discuss
Even our human ancestors from over 30,000 years ago may have seen the dangers of inbreeding and devised complex social structures to avoid them. Could this explain the survival of some hominin species while the others died out? The mystery of the origins of ... Discuss
The cycle of day and night on our planet is age-old and inescapable, so the idea of an internal body clock might not sound that radical. In science, though, asking the questions “why?” and “how?” about the most day-to-day occurrences can require the greatest leap... Discuss
The nail-biting moments of a hockey match can prove to be a bit too much for your heart to fathom, quite literally. The highs and lows of a thrilling match may leave you at the edge of your seats but the stress that accompanies it may lead to elevated heart ... Discuss
When surgeons complete a successful lung operation, everyone should breathe a sigh of relief. But real relief may not come until weeks or even months later, when doctors remove the patient's lingering sutures or staples. And that's assuming there were ... Discuss
Two astronauts ventured outside the International Space Station early Thursday to carry out what amounts to hand transplant surgery on the lab's Canadian-built robot arm, removing a crippled grapple fixture on one end of the arm and replacing it with ... Discuss
Doctors in Australia suspected that a woman had a type of cancer called lymphoma, but they were stunned when they put her enlarged lymph node under a microscope -- and instead found black tattoo pigment from 15 years ago to which her immune system was just now ... Discuss
About 252 million years ago, the world came very close to ending when the vast majority of species on the planet winked out of existence in an event known euphemistically as "The Great Dying." Somehow, very violently, the period known to scientists as ... Discuss
Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, with an annual research budget of around $480 million, according to the Alzheimer's Association. But the "holy grail" of contemporary dementia research is determining the risk ... Discuss
The first modern humans may have emerged up to 350,000 years ago—170,000 years earlier than previously thought. Analysis of ancient DNA has allowed scientists to trace back the ancestry of people from South Africa to determine when our ancestors split ... Discuss
With the tiny screen bouncing around in front of us, tinny sound quality and frequent interruptions, watching a movie during a flight is hardly an immersive experience. Yet, frequent fliers may have found themselves – or at least witnessed others – welling up at the ... Discuss
The Great Barrier Reef has just gotten even cooler thanks to a fresh discovery. Marine biologist Johnny Gaskell discovered an incredible “Blue Hole” in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef when searching on Google Maps. “A blue hole is an underwater sinkhole formed ... Discuss
A 47-year-old British man who was being tested for lung cancer received some good, but unexpected, news: Instead of signs of cancer in the man's lungs, doctors found a tiny Playmobil plastic traffic cone lodged in his airways, according to a new report ... Discuss
When mammalogist Tyrone Lavery traveled to the island of Vangunu in 2010 to research the region’s mammals, the last thing he expected was that he’d be embarking on a seven-year search for an undiscovered species. Vanganu, a 210-square-mile island belonging to ... Discuss
Pluto's surface hosts blades of ice that soar to the height of skyscrapers — and researchers have narrowed down exactly how the dramatic features form. According to new research, the blades are made mostly of methane ice, and form similarly to (much ... Discuss
It was well past midnight when Michael Abrams, Claire Bedbrook and Ravi Nath crept into the Caltech lab where they were keeping their jellyfish. They didn't bother switching on the lights, opting instead to navigate the maze of desks and equipment by ... Discuss
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