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Aceasta zi in istorie - This day in history

The silent protest of two black American athletes at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City was an iconic and controversial statement. Sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos received their medals shoeless to draw attention to black poverty in America, and they performed the Black Power salute as their national anthem played. They were booed by the crowd and were later expelled from the staunchly apolitical games. Smith saluted with his right hand. Why was Carlos forced to salute with his left? Discuss
In 1942, Laval, a French politician who had advocated collaboration with Nazi Germany, came to power. His government drafted laborers for German factories, cooperated in the deportation of Jews to death camps, and instituted a rule of terror. After France was liberated by the Allies, Laval fled. He was eventually captured and returned to France, where he was convicted of treason and sentenced to death. How did Laval attempt to change his fate? Discuss
Days before becoming the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound, Yeager, a US Air Force test pilot, broke two ribs riding a horse. Afraid of being taken off the mission, he kept his injury a secret, even though it limited his movement so much that he had to reach with a broom handle to close the hatch on the X-1 experimental aircraft. Launched mid-air from a modified bomber, the X-1 broke the sound barrier, and Yeager became a legend. How fast was he flying when he went supersonic? Discuss
Originally called the "President's Palace," the official residence of the president of the United States was designed by Irish-American architect James Hoban with guidance from President George Washington, whose term ended before he was able to move in. Some slaves took part in the construction, which lasted eight years. Today, the White House is the oldest public building in Washington. Very little of the original structure survived an 1814 fire, set by British troops in retaliation for what? Discuss
In 1984, five people were killed and over 30 injured when a bomb tore through a hotel in Brighton, England, where Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet were staying for a conference. The bomb had been planted weeks earlier by a Provisional Irish Republican Army operative. Though Thatcher's suite was damaged, she was uninjured. She attended the conference that morning as scheduled, and her popularity soared. How did attendees replace their destroyed clothes in time for the conference? Discuss
Held in four sessions over the course of three years, the Second Vatican Council was a meeting of Catholic Church leaders with the announced purpose of reconsidering the position of the church in the modern world. Among many other changes, the council reformed the liturgy, permitting the use of the vernacular language, rather than Latin. Representatives from non-Catholic churches were invited to observe the sessions. What unexpected event nearly ended the council prematurely? Discuss
After being investigated for extortion and bribery allegedly committed while he was governor of Maryland, Agnew pleaded no contest to a charge of tax evasion and became the second US vice president to resign. President Richard Nixon then selected House Minority Leader Gerald Ford to replace Agnew. The following year, Nixon himself was forced to resign for his role in the Watergate scandal, making Ford president. Agnew's portrait was removed from the Maryland State House in 1979. Who put it back? Discuss
Based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical The Phantom of the Opera opened at Her Majesty's Theatre in London in 1986. In 2010, it celebrated its 10,000th performance at the same venue. It opened in New York in 1988, and went on to become the longest-running musical on Broadway. It is also the most financially successful entertainment project of all time, having earned billions of dollars. What is the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera? Discuss
The Days of Rage were a series of violent anti-war protests in Chicago that coincided with the trial of the Chicago Eight, a group of protesters charged with conspiring to incite a riot. The Days of Rage were organized by Weatherman—later known as the Weather Underground—a radical faction of Students for a Democratic Society. Despite efforts to promote the event, the protesters were outnumbered by police, and many were arrested. What statue was blown up in the days leading up to the protests? Discuss
In 1916, Tennessee's tiny Cumberland University canceled its football program, disbanding its team. Nevertheless, Georgia Tech's football coach, John Heisman, threatened the school with a $3,000 fine—a large sum of money at the time—if its team failed to show up to their scheduled game. Cumberland was forced to recruit new players to face Georgia Tech, and the trouncing they received is said to have been revenge for a baseball game in which Cumberland allegedly cheated. What was the final score? Discuss
As president, Sadat led Egypt in a 1973 war with Israel that bolstered his popularity throughout the Arab world, even though the war was a military loss. However, after he negotiated a peace treaty with Israel in the Camp David Accords—an initiative for which he shared a Nobel Peace Prize—his popularity in the Arab world plummeted. During an annual military parade, he was ambushed and killed by extremists. What three people made a rare simultaneous appearance at his funeral? Discuss
A highly influential British sketch comedy show, Monty Python's Flying Circus ran until 1974 and subsequently spawned four movies and several live shows. With scenes such as "The Dead Parrot Sketch" and "The Spanish Inquisition," the innovative, disjointed, non-traditional show became a cult favorite noted for its surreal, sarcastic, innuendo-laden humor. Interspersed throughout the show were Terry Gilliam's iconic animations, including a giant, crushing foot taken from what painting? Discuss
Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a massive carving of four US presidents' heads, each about 60 ft (18 m) high, on the side of a South Dakota mountain, took 400 workers 14 years to complete. Its designer, sculptor Gutzon Borglum—who had previously worked on a Confederate memorial on Georgia's Stone Mountain—died before Rushmore was completed, and his unfinished Hall of Records behind the heads is off-limits to the public. What nearby mountain sculpture will dwarf Rushmore when completed? Discuss
Though the feast held in 1621 may be better remembered, the first official national Thanksgiving in the US was declared in 1789. On that day, Washington, the president at the time, offered thanks for "the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty" following the revolution. Thanksgiving feasts were declared sporadically until 1863, when President Lincoln established it as a lasting holiday. Traditionally, the president pardons a live turkey each year. Why have recent presidents pardoned two? Discuss
A classic science-fiction show that ran for just five years, The Twilight Zone was created by veteran television writer Rod Serling. More than half of its 155 unrelated episodes were written or co-written by Serling, who also narrated each half-hour episode with his trademark deadpan. The show often starred soon-to-be-famous actors such as William Shatner and Robert Redford. Many episodes featured frightening or ironic plot twists. What were some of the show's most celebrated episodes? Discuss
Frequently rated among the greatest boxing matches of all time, the Thrilla in Manila saw world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali meet rival Joe Frazier for the third—and final—time. Leading up to the match, Ali had publicly taunted Frazier, calling him a "gorilla." Because many believed Frazier to be past his prime, Ali—though older—was expected to win. However, the fight went on for 14 brutal rounds in the sweltering Manila heat, and neither man was able to knock out the other. Who won? Discuss
The 1867 discovery of gold in Botswana excited interest from several European powers. In 1885, the British created the Bechuanaland Protectorate there as a defense against the Boers. Although this spawned no nationalist movement, Britain granted it internal self-government in 1965 and full independence as Botswana the next year. Seretse Khama became its first president. Botswana's economy has developed rapidly since independence. Why is a member of the main tribe of Botswana called a Motswana? Discuss
Prior to being excommunicated the first of several times, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II had planned to go on a crusade. However, an epidemic waylaid him and a large part of his army, delaying the conquest. As a result, he was excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX. He eventually went on the postponed crusade and became king of Jerusalem. With Italy as the center of his power, Frederick, a religious skeptic, was in frequent conflict with the papacy. Frederick wrote the first book on what subject? Discuss
In 1066, King Edward the Confessor of England died childless. His cousin William of Normandy claimed that he had been promised the throne years earlier, yet Harold, duke of Wessex, was crowned instead. William then assembled a force of 5,000 knights and invaded. He was crowned less than three months later, following a swift and brutal conquest that had a profound and lasting effect on English life. When William landed at Pevensey on September 28, Harold's forces were busy elsewhere—doing what?
In 1954, Tonight debuted with 32-year-old Steve Allen hosting. The humorous late-night talk show came to occupy a prominent place in American television and has aired for more than 50 years, usually on weeknights. Some of its longer-running hosts have included Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, and Jay Leno, each backed by house musicians. In 1960, Paar walked off stage in the middle of a show, angry that censors had cut one of his jokes. He returned weeks later. What was the joke?
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