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Aventurile lui Tom Sawyer - citita in limba engleza cate un capitol!

Huck finds that he can’t stand respectable life! But he’s willing to be a respectable robber!

A party at the Widow’s where on surprise is a bit spoiled and another is brilliant.

Note: I forgot to mention in the audio that I am also going to giving away some enhanced copies of Tom Sawyer.

Here’s the contest:

This is really for those who have diligently stuck with me from the very beginning as a thank you and congratulations for your patience and unwaivering tolerance! The first 10-15 people to email me with answers to these questions will receive a free copy!

  1. What was the actual year and month I began this podcast?
  2. What was the original Name of the podcast?
  3. Why have you kept listening this long?
  4. Finally, if you could request or suggest one change, improvement or idea for this podcast, what would it be?

I will post the answers and winners (just first name and location) when the contest is over. If you prefer to be listed as a winner please let me know in your entry.

We find that Injun Joe has met his fate and that Tom had made a discovery while stuck in the cave. Tom and Huck once more set out to find the treasure.

Tom and Becky now back in the light…where’s Injun Joe?

A Frolicking Tom and Becky loose their track and the once adventuresome cave turns to foreboding gloom.

Huck is welcomed for breakfast and both Tom and Becky seem to be missing from church attendance.

The picnic, a cave, and a bit of murderous talk!

A close call with a passed out drunk and more plotting.

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn plot to find Injun Joe’s “Number Two”.

A haunted house may be a great place to find treasure but it gets scary when there’s a close call with a certain fugitive murderer.

Treasure hunting can be a lot of work…especially when you don’t have a map.

Tom is a hero once more with the gratitude of Muff Potter and the rest of the town. However, nighttime brings terrors of Injun Joe and death.

A trial, a surprise testimony, and Injun Joe takes flight.

Tom struggles with temperance, measles, and friends getting religion.

Examination day…the smaller boys enact revenge on the school master Mr. Dobbins.

Tom takes his own licking and then takes one for a certain Becky Thatcher.

Aunt Polly starts out angry but ends up loving Tom more than ever.

Tom fools his aunt and plays “games” with Becky Thatcher.

The village of St. Petersburg is in mourning and hold a funeral for the poor lost and dead boys. Tom, Joe and Huck sneak in to hear their own funeral sermon preached.

Homesickness, tobacco sickness, and a thunderous storm.

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